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Longan and wet sago (สาคูเปียกลำไย) Delicious Thai fruit. Dessert with Dimocarpus longan (Longan) ( Thai Foods List | 23-11-12 16:58 )

Tapioca Pearls with Longan Recipe Ingredients 10 longan fruits (for pulp) 1 cup of clean water 1 cup of tapioca pearls 1/2 cup of granulated sugar 4 pandan leaves 1 can of coconut milk 1/4 cup of coconut flesh (cho... Tag: Thaifoods, Dessert

Tua Dam Kaeng Bua (ถั่วดำแกงบวด) Boil black beans and add coconut milk and sugar until sweet and greasy ( Thai Foods List | 23-11-09 16:39 )

Black Bean Coconut Dessert Recipe Ingredients 1 cup of black beans, soaked and drained 2-3 cups of coconut milk 1/2 cup of coconut sugar 1/2 cup of coarse granulated sugar 1/2 teaspoon of salt Instructions Start by ... Tag: Thaifoods, Dessert

Fakthong kaeng buat (ฟักทองแกงบวด) ‘Pumpkin in Coconut Milk’ ( Thai Foods List | 23-11-10 16:49 )

Pumpkin in Coconut Milk Recipe Ingredients 500g of pumpkin, peeled and diced 400ml of coconut milk 100g of palm sugar or brown sugar 1 pandan leaf (optional) A pinch of salt Instructions Start by peeling and dici... Tag: Thaifoods, Dessert

Taro in Coconut Cream (มันต้มน้ำตาล) It consists of taro cubes cooked in sweet coconut milk, ( Thai Foods List | 23-11-11 16:53 )

Taro in Coconut Cream Recipe Ingredients 200g of taro, peeled and cubed 400ml of coconut milk 100g of palm sugar or brown sugar A pinch of salt Instructions Start by peeling and cubing the taro into bite-sized piec... Tag: Thaifoods, Dessert

Tua Kiaw Tom Nam Tan(ถั่วเขียวต้มน้ำตาล) Thai Sweet Green Beans ( Thai Foods List | 23-11-08 16:31 )

Thai-Style Boiled Mung Beans Recipe Ingredients Whole mung beans, 1 cup Water, for rinsing and boiling Sugar, to taste Salt, to taste Fresh ginger (optional) Instructions Start by rinsing the mung beans thoroughly... Tag: Thaifoods, Dessert

Thai Fish Puff (ปั้นขลิบ) ( Thai Foods List | 23-11-05 15:47 )

Thai Cuisine: ปั้นขลิบ (Pan Clip) “ปั้นขลิบไส้ปลา” or what many often like to call “ปั้นสิบ” – which is a commonly used but incorrect name. The correct term should be “ปั้นขลิบ” because the edges ar... Tag: appetizer, sea food

Crispy Larb Pang Krathong (กระทงกรอบ) ( Thai Foods List | 23-11-06 16:05 )

Thai Cuisine: Crispy Larb Pang Krathong they come with the signature Thai spiciness that everyone loves. Introducing “Crispy Larb Pang Krathong.” Ingredients For the Crispy Cups: Bread slices: 12 pieces For the Fill... Tag: appetizer, pig

Khanom Gluay (ขนมกล้วย) Enjoy the sweet and creamy flavor of banana dessert ( Thai Foods List | 23-11-07 16:21 )

How to Make Banana Dessert Ingredients for Banana Snack Ripe bananas, 10 pieces (600-650g) Rice flour, 80 grams Tapioca flour, 40g Thao Yai Mom wheat flour, 1 tablespoon Coconut milk, 260 grams Sugar, 130g (increase... Tag: Thaifoods, Dessert

Maa Auan (ม้าอ้วน) Thai-style dumpling ( Thai Foods List | 23-11-04 15:22 )

Thai Cuisine: Dung-Mun Dumplings Dung-Mun dumplings are a Thai-style dumpling with ingredients similar to traditional dumplings, but with a twist – they contain pork fat and crab meat. These dumplings are typically... Tag: appetizer, pig, sea food

Khao Tang Mo Ping Lao (ข้าวตังเมี่ยงลาว) It’s crispy and golden fried rice. It’s good to eat ( Thai Foods List | 23-11-02 00:09 )

ข้าวตังเมี่ยงลาว (Khao Tang Mo Ping Lao): A Delicious Thai Snack Introduction: ข้าวตังเมี่ยงลาว, known as Khao Tang Mo Ping Lao, is a beloved Thai snack that combines crispy rice crackers with a savor... Tag: appetizer

Thai Fried Fish Cakes ,ทอดมัน (ทอดปลาเห็ด) ( Thai Foods List | 23-11-03 00:18 )

ทอดมัน (ทอดปลาเห็ด): Exploring the Delicious Thai Fried Fish Cakes Introduction: ทอดมัน (ทอดปลาเห็ด), known as Tod Mun or Tod Pla Het, is a beloved Thai dish famous for its fried fish or mushroom cake... Tag: appetizer, sea food

Goong Hor Toey (กุ้งห่อเตย):Thai Pandan-Wrapped Shrimp ( Thai Foods List | 23-11-04 00:23 )

กุ้งห่อเตย (Goong Hor Toey): Exploring the Thai Pandan-Wrapped Shrimp Introduction: กุ้งห่อเตย (Goong Hor Toey) is a delightful Thai dish that showcases succulent shrimp wrapped in fragrant pandan leaves. Thi... Tag: appetizer, sea food

Wihok Long Rang (วิหคหลงรัง) Lost bird ( Thai Foods List | 23-10-31 20:44 )

Crispy Shrimp and Mashed Potato Shrimp Heads Ingredients: Shrimp (peeled, tail removed, with the center part intact) All-purpose flour Salt Ground black pepper Eggs Breadcrumbs Oil for frying Mashed potatoes Black s... Tag: appetizer, sea food

Pad Pak Ruam ( ผัดผักรวม ) Thai stir-fry that will make you feel good about eating your vegetables ( Thai Foods List | 23-10-28 20:28 )

ผัดผักรวม (Pad Pak Ruam) with Shrimp: A Flavorful Thai Stir-Fry ผัดผักรวม, known as “Pad Pak Ruam” in Thai, is a delightful Thai stir-fry dish that combines an assortment of fresh vegetables and succulent shr... Tag: Thaifoods, sea food

Poo Ja Nung (ปูจ๋านึ่ง) ( Thai Foods List | 23-10-29 20:39 )

ปูจ๋านึ่ง (Poo Ja Nung): A Delightful Thai Dish ปูจ๋านึ่ง, known as “Poo Ja Nung” in Thai, is a unique and flavorful Thai dish that features steamed crab with a fragrant sauce. It’s a delightful combination... Tag: Thaifoods, sea food

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