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All Lots ( 루시파파 List | 23-03-19 09:00 )

We can take a step back to look at water activity and overall shelf life from a wider perspective. We use a few labeling systems in our longitudinal data set. One of those is for the round in which a coffee is cupped, an... Tag: 커피 이야기, coffee #커피 #water #물 #스페셜티 #specialty

Origins ( 루시파파 List | 23-03-20 09:00 )

Origins The basic observed relationship between score and Aw is slightly negative, as is that between score change and Aw. Neither is strong. Whilewe do observe lower volatilit with lower Aw coffees, it is important to g... Tag: 커피 이야기, coffee #커피 #water #물 #스페셜티 #specialty

Aw Over Time ( 루시파파 List | 23-03-21 09:00 )

We can also look at how water activity itself behaves over time. Here we see that there is a tendency for coffees to condense between around 0.525 and 0.5, given enough time. This specific range is likely a function of o... Tag: 커피 이야기, coffee #커피 #water #물 #스페셜티 #specialty

리무소 커피 방문 ( 루시파파 List | 23-03-22 19:37 )

천안에 방문할 일 있어 검색 해보다 리무소 커피를 발견하였다. 직장 다닐땐 천안 출장이 종종 있어서 가긴 했지만 카페를 잘 가본 적이 없었다. 이유는 어떤 직장인이든 저녁에 역시 그 지역에서 술 한잔 하는게 아닌가 ㅋㅋ 어쨌든 매장 오픈 시간이 오전 12... Tag: 커피 이야기, 리무소 #커피 #에티오피아# 코스타리타 #게이샤 #

Aw and Lipid Oxidation in Specialty Green Coffee ( 루시파파 List | 23-03-16 09:00 )

Lipid oxidation is important in green coffee because the oxidation of lipids can produce off flavors. A common compound in this category is called Trans-2-nonenal (T2N). T2N is produced by the autoxidation of linoleic ac... Tag: 커피 이야기, coffee #커피 #water #물 #스페셜티 #specialty

Aw in Specialty Green Coffee Longitudinal Shelf Stability Study ( 루시파파 List | 23-03-17 09:00 )

Finally, we come to the real question that we set out to answer way back when we started measuring water activity. Does Aw reasonably predict shelf life (storage and shipment stability)? This question itself is poorly fr... Tag: 커피 이야기, coffee #커피 #water #물 #스페셜티 #specialty

PSS to Arrival ( 루시파파 List | 23-03-18 09:00 )

Looking at just the score change from PSS to ARR, coffees beginning above 0.610 drop an average of 1.53 points with a standard deviation of change (a of △) of 2.26 compared to 0.96 and 1.89 for those beginning below 0.5... Tag: 커피 이야기, coffee #커피 #water #물 #스페셜티 #specialty

Methods and Materials ( 루시파파 List | 23-03-09 09:00 )

Samples and Handling The samples used in this study come from 44 countries and include most commonly practiced processing techniques. We omit both Monsooned and decaffeinated coffees, as well as Robusta. Samples are deli... Tag: 커피 이야기

Population Estimates ( 루시파파 List | 23-03-10 15:21 )

Given some background in water activity theory and specialty coffee, we can begin building a model for their interaction. One way to look at a large amount of data is to create a histogram. The one above divides nearly 2... Tag: 커피 이야기, coffee #커피 #water #물 #스페셜티 #specialty

Water Activity and Moisture Content ( 루시파파 List | 23-03-11 09:00 )

Moisture Content: the amount of water in a system. Water Activity: the energy status of the water in a system. A coffee bean with some given moisture content can have a range of water activities. A coffee bean with some ... Tag: 커피 이야기, coffee #커피 #water #물 #스페셜티 #specialty

Moisture Content Revisited ( 루시파파 List | 23-03-12 09:00 )

If we cut off coffee purchases at 12% moisture, we will cut off many Aw-related problems. The model gives an error of about 1 percent. If we pull the criterion back to 11% the problem region for Aw in specialty green cof... Tag: 커피 이야기, coffee #커피 #water #물 #스페셜티 #specialty

Aw and Browning Reactions in Specialty Green Coffee ( 루시파파 List | 23-03-13 15:36 )

It is easy to see the term "browning reactions" and assume that this is in reference to what's occurring in the coffee roaster. The Maillard reaction, for example, is a type of nonenzymatic browning reaction that occurs ... Tag: 커피 이야기, specialtycoffee #browning #greencoffee #water

Browning Trials ( 루시파파 List | 23-03-14 09:00 )

We set up two trials, as well as analyzed our cumulative dataset to further investigate the role of Aw in the roasting process of specialty green coffee. In one trial we took samples of various coffees from the roaster a... Tag: 커피 이야기, coffee #커피 #water #물 #스페셜티 #specialty

Water Activity Manipulation Trial ( 루시파파 List | 23-03-15 09:00 )

To further test the impact of Aw on roasting coffee we set up a small trial in which we altered the Aw of a single coffee in various ways. Methods and Materials In this trial we used four conditions: Control, Bath, Heat,... Tag: 커피 이야기, coffee #커피 #water #물 #스페셜티 #specialty

카페 방문기 ( 루시파파 List | 23-03-06 16:11 )

얼마 전 오픈한 #엔제리너스 온수 D/T 점을 방문하였습니다. 엔제리너스X 윤쉐프 정직한 제빵소 온수DT점 : 네이버 방문자리뷰 88 · 블로그리뷰 6 최근 엔제리너스 윤쉐프 정직한 제빵소와 콜... Tag: 커피 이야기, 카페 #투어 #엔제리너스 #화정다방

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