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창세기(Genesis) 31장 ( 르르아 List | 21-07-13 08:30 )

반응형 창세기(Genesis) 31장1. Jacob heard that Laban’s sons weresaying, “Jacob has taken everythingour father owned and has gained allthis wealth from what belonged toour father.”2. And Jacob noticed that Laban’sattitude t... Tag: 창세기(Genesis), 31장, genesis, 성경, 성경쓰기, 창세기

창세기(Genesis) 7장 ( 르르아 List | 21-05-26 09:30 )

반응형 창세기(Genesis) 7장1. The LORD then said to Noah, “Go into the ark, you andyour whole family, because I have found you righteous inthis generation.2. Take with you seven of every kind of clean animal, a maleand its ma... Tag: 창세기(Genesis), 7장, genesis, 성경, 성경쓰기, 창세기

창세기(Genesis) 8장 ( 르르아 List | 21-05-28 09:00 )

반응형 창세기(Genesis) 8장1. But God remembered Noah and all the wild animals and thelivestock that were with him in the ark, and he sent a windover the earth, and the waters receded.2. Now the springs of the deep and the fl... Tag: 창세기(Genesis), 8장, genesis, 성경, 성경쓰기, 창세기

5/31 일기 ( 르르아 List | 21-05-31 23:27 )

반응형 요즘 날씨가 왜 이런지 모르겠다비가 너무 자주온다 내가 아무리 비오는걸 좋아해도이렇게 계속오면 뭘 할수없어서 난감하다 요즘 나의 가벼운 영어를 시작했다생각보다 영어가 필요한 경우가 많아서다시한번 으쌰 으쌰 해보려고한다오늘이 영어공부 2주... Tag: 르르아, 나의 가벼운 영어, 영어공부, 일기, 일상, 화이팅

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