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EU’s Oettinger hails 5G ‘revolution’ ( 5G Laboratory List | 16-03-17 16:14 )

The transition in the telecoms industry to 5G, the fifth generation of mobile networks, will herald a “revolution” in digital communications, enabling new technologies that will change citizens’ lives, European Commiss... Tag: blog

5G standardisation started in 3GPP ( 5G Laboratory List | 16-03-17 16:14 )

CTO and 3GPP RAN Standardisation Expert First 5G activities in 3GPP have been starting this week at the 3GPP mega meeting in San Francisco. First 5G contributions have been submitted. 3GPP SA1 might soon start working on... Tag: blog

Apple joins NGMN’s 20 Operators in defining 5G ( 5G Laboratory List | 16-03-17 16:14 )

In a press release yesterday, the Next Generation Mobile Network (NGMN) organization of mobile operators members announced that Apple, typically a relatively reclusive and insular player in standards and the wireless i... Tag: blog

NTT DoCoMo kicks off its network transformation on the road to 5G ( 5G Laboratory List | 16-03-17 16:14 )

Japan’s largest mobile operator, NTT DoCoMo, has come out of the traps with a flurry of NFV contracts/vendor partnerships designed to get its NFV ball rolling. As network functions interoperability is probably the most ... Tag: blog

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